Green Palace Residency

Green Palace Residency

Kolahalamedu - Vagamon - Kerala

Green Palace Residency

For a paradise experience, for an unpolluted waft of fresh air, for a blissful moment to mingle with nature, to get inspired and to fill life with more joy and peace, come to Green Palace Residency, Vagamon. Known for its salubrious climate year round, Vagamon is carpeted in misty meadows, gurgling rivulets, tea gardens and bordered by forests. A lazy, slow, sleepy town devoid of the rush and bustle of a tourist destination, Vagamon's essential laid back atmosphere characterizes the Green Palace.

A stay with Green Palace Residency will be one of those of your unforgettable moments. The best thing you can give your body and mind is to spend some quality time in this nature driven resorts. Greenish landscaping can help you achieve this with minimum effort. Your needs will be planned and organized by the team here.

Green Palace Residency


Every rooms at Green Palace Residency, Vagamon are decked with the finest accessories and fine tuned to the minutest of details by our experienced and courteous staff. There are a few things in life which cannot be put in words. The discovery of that unexplainable feeling in the 'holiday' cottage combined with the high standard of home comforts and modern facilities, experienced many miles from home, is instantly relieving, as you prepare to unwind and take everything at your own pace.


Green Palace Residency Vagamon showcase local cooking styles. The native tribes will introduce you to their cuisine and to the exceptional simplicity of their cooking. To keep the dining experience even more exciting, the residency provides you the opportunity to decide your own menus, pluck up your favorite vegetables from the organic vegetable farm of Green Palace, walk into the kitchen and get the team of chefs to cook you a special dish, under your strict guidance.


  • Trekking
  • Barbecue
  • Bonfires
  • Mountain trials
  • Kite flying
  • Trekking
  • D J night
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