If you have not been to Vagamon you have not seen God's Own Country. Vagamon provides unlimited holidaying fantasies round the year, except with the season being slightly off during the monsoons. Vagamon, the final word in your holiday options, provides unlimited holidaying fantasies round the year, except with the season being slightly off during the monsoons. A land, which would make a person come back again and again, so that you could rejuvenate yourself and cherish memories of this enchantingly beautiful land.

Water fall

This is essentially a lake and it's catchment area, with grassy hillocks stretching into the forest on one side and ending at the cliff on the other. This large tract of land has a small stream originating at the lake and going through.

Water falls and the ravine. The steep hill tract which provides access to the water fall area is along the ridge and there can be many pavilions along that to enjoy rain, wind, and the infinite view of the hillscapes. There can also be performance podiums with the mountainous landscape as the background.

The stream goes along the ravine and can be developed as a trekking path as it is a rugged route, with rocks and rough undulations. A small facility like a coffee bar and the like would add the richness of the place with more participation. A reservoir up stream would ensure the presence of enough amount of water even during dry season. A stepped path leading to the water fall itself is a thing of interest.

Rocky out crop

The steep rocky hill tract is almost mountainous in character. The cliff and ravine topography area is ideal for adventure activities that would attract people who like gliding, rope climbing, jumping and the like. There can be viewing pavilions too, as gufas in the vertical surface of the hill which would attract people for staying inside. This can be carved out of the rocks and would provide an adventurous stay.


Around 100 acres of forest area could be developed as a holistic health care center with Ayurveda as the theme. Providing treatment, health care facility, rejuvenation centers, yoga and meditation center, naturopathy clinics, herbal garden etc. emphasizing the theme of living with nature and exploring the aeons old way of life. Tree walks, medicines preparation areas, etc. all designed to a character of ashrams.

Grassy planes Features:

1. Eucalyptus plantation

2. Road side slope

3. Grassy hills

4. School hill

5. Cliff side

The area is rather featureless compared to other parts of the site, with grassy, slowly rolling plains. It has a direct access from the road and slopes down from there ending at the cliff. At present there are plantations of eucalyptus, tea and some agricultural crops here.

This plot section can be reserved for residential school or some similar institutional use. The relative flatness of the site and gentle slope is ideal for this. The land is generally buildable also.

The area near the main road could be reserved for exploiting the future commercial potential. This long strip can be developed for the future public amenities and facilities that have commercial viability. Land value will also increase as the place develops and demand for plots with accessibility will increase.

Camping site

A unique type of space with stream, rocky terrain and forest meet. This can be developed to a camping site, a small lake and a special abode, for evening tea and the like.


The entertainment center and related activities like boating leisure walking etc. could be organized around the lake. Lawned rolling hills and flowers that grow along the ground can be provided as a part of the landscaping. This should be developed with minimum intervention of built. This place (node) should be developed to communicate the essence of this site, to a passerby along the public road as this portion is visible from the road as a lake between three knolls. A stage for performance, crafts, arts center, pedestrian path etc. can concentrate around this node.

Wild Orchid

The area is a stretch of rolling hills with green meadows.A unique cottage resort built in a rugged village style and is eco friendly in all features especially in the disposal of water, conservation of resources, building material use and construction techniques. A total of 50 cottages are coming up on one side of a beautiful lake and common facilities like restaurant, theatre etc. on other bank of the lake.

Murugan hills Vagamon

Murugan hills VagamonMurugan hills Vagamon, Kerala, India, lies around 8 km away from the pristine hill station of Vagamon. A magnificent rock-cut temple to Lord Murugan may be seen on Murugan Mala Vagamon, a picturesque hill in the area. The ambience is frequently exquisite, and the appeal brings people closer to nature. It is a good place for sightseeing and nature hikes because of the picturesque topography. Both Muruganmala and Kurisumala are next to one another and have a shared parking lot and entrance. Compared to Kurisumala, Muruganmala has greater forest cover as it ascends a hill. You will have a breathtaking view over the whole Vagamon from the summit.

The three distinctive hills Thangal, Murugan, and Kurisumala, which stand for the three main faiths in Kerala, surround Vagamon, Kerala. Hindus consider Murugan Hill to be sacred, and there is a shrine dedicated to Lord Murugan there. After paying your respects to the Lord, you exit the temple where the brisk, fresh wind welcomes you and the mesmerising beauty of the surroundings leaves you speechless. Going on a stroll is the greatest method for getting a sense of the neighbourhood. Visitors may simply relax on the hill and take in the beautiful landscape and peaceful surroundings. One of the most visited sights in Vagamon, Kerala is the Murugan Mala hill temple. It is a wonderful site for nature lovers, photographers, and loners in addition to Lord Murugan devotees. The closest airport is Nedumbassery International Airport in Cochin. Kottayam Railway Station is the closest train station. 4 kilometres through Kurisumala from Vagamon.

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