Vagamon Heights Resort

Vagamon Heights Resort

Thankakanam Estate - Vagamon

Vagamon Heights Resort

Vagamon Heights Resort

Vagamon Heights is situated on the new hill highway connecting Cochin-Thekkady-Kodaikanal. Major tourist centers like Kumarakom, Thekkady, Munnar and Kodaikanal are easily accessible from Vagamon. Secluded from the outside world and situated at about 3500 feet above sea level, Vagamon is where nature comes to its colourful best. A tiny plantation township in central Travancore, Vagamon has an overtone of green. With a never ending line of lush green hills, breathtaking ravines and meandering rivulets.

Tucked away among hillocks on the Western Ghats, Vagamon is verdant foliage territory, where you could laze around for weeks without a soul bothering you. Not many have explored Vagamon. Nearly a century ago, the English chanced up on this land and set up plantations here; followed by Christian missionaries who built here their abode of service. Since then Vagamon remained untouched by explorers and tourists.

Vagamon Heights Resort



The guesthouse can accommodate two families and has a convertible upper living room for two. Seated very close to the dense woods and the wind shadows look out, this house is advised for family with small children. All services are easy reach.


This tree top living is advised for young couple and honey mooners. The house is built a top four mammoth trees surmounted and secure, takes to gentle swaying as in a cradle on rough winds, very safe and aesthetic and provided with extra wooden paneling for wind proofing and comfort. Has built in toilets (with commodes) and a lower deck for spending your days pensively. For those who do not opt for room heating. Sleeping bags are provided for extra warmth.


This cute, very tastefully done up villa with elegant furnishing is the premium accommodation on the offer. Very cozy and comfortable the Woodside can accommodate two families with children. The Jeroka on the rise gives and excellent view of the rolling hillocks and the distant revine. Rightly as the name. The Woodside brushes the dense forest on its west. At night, the ambience, the tranquil and the company of the crickets and giant saturnid moths may arouse the dreamer and lover in you. The Woodside is half a kilometer from the main hub of the resort but services are provided round the clock and also a uniformed security man is provided (if asked for)


This four gabled economy priced accommodation is a kilometer and half from the core activity center of the resort. The house is designed for touring youths and student holdovers. The maximum sleeping facility is for fifteen. The transport to the House Of Four Gables (pick up and drop) are either through a Horse driven carriage or on the estate jeep. For easier access one could cross the lake on the row boats moored close by and come to the main area. No restauranting facility is provided in house and for major foods the guests have to come to the F & B Facility at the resort.


A wide variety of tents are available for the boisterous and daring crowd. All weather and well protected tents, which are as small for one person and as large enough for a group of twelve. The usual location is a Camp Clearing in a shroud of thick tree cover. but however those opting wayward locations can also be assisted to tent out in the locations of ones choice.

The Camp Clearing have well kept toilets and wash rooms with commodes, hot water is not provided. For night lighting only electric carry lanterns are provided and plastic disposables are not allowed.


  • Boating

  • Cycling

  • Horse Rides

  • Fishing

  • Estate Caravan

  • Trekking

  • Barbecue

  • Bonfires

  • Mountain Trails

  • Kite Flying

  • Ballooning

  • Jungle walk

  • Indoor games (Chess, Caroms)

  • Transportation inside the property

  • Camp fire (Subjected to weather conditions)

  • Outdoor games (Cricket, Badminton, Football)

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