60th Annual NASA Convention at DCSMAT Vagamon

DC School of Architecture and Design is proud to host the 60th Annual NASA Convention. The 5 day event commences on 29th January 2018, in the hills of Vagamon, Kerala. The event is expected to be attended by 3500 delegates from PAN India and other SAARC countries. The formal events comprise of talk series and an array of workshops throughout the days of the event.

The talks would be by 2 renowned international architects, in addition to other experts in the field. The workshops, 30 in all, includes those on sculpting, sketching, software and hands-on work. An exhibition will be held on the final day of the event. The winners of the LIK trophy and the ANDC competition will be judged by the eminent architects present for the event. The informal activities and games will be conducted simultaneously, engaging the participation of the crowd. The cultural events to be held during the evenings of the event will include a band performance, stand-up comedy and a DJ night. Moreover, cultural programmes by participating colleges such as dance competitions, theme show and the battle of bands will also be held on these cultural nights.