Foggy Knolls - Vagamon - Kerala


Hotel Class: Leisure

Foggy Knolls Resort, Vagamon, Kerala, India

A unique aspect of Foggy Knolls is the resort’s ‘Cave Rooms’. Perched on the edge of a slope, before it descends to a valley, and carved into a massive boulder, the ‘Cave Rooms’ are a network of grottos that function as a complement of luxury accommodations equipped with an extensive range of contemporary amenities. The caves are lit with strategically placed spotlights that create an aura of luxury and intrigue.

The interiors also feature friezes and sculptural embellishments in rich earthen hues, crafted thematically from both, mythology and history. Portholes, in the caves and in the illuminated pathways that link the matrix, look down at the valley and the sky above. The complex also contains a dormitory and a set of conventional rooms. A spacious conferencing facility equipped with the state of the art audiovisual equipment sits at one end of the network of caves.

Higher up the knoll a set of twin storeyed bungalows, including a luxury bungalow, are arrayed along a slope, all sumptuously furnished, with splendid views of the surrounding mountains and a valley below. The resort’s dining area is situated above and behind the row of bungalows.
To the west, a pathway winds down past tea bushes and a stretch of scrub forest to a lake formed by a check dam at the valley’s floor, an ideal spot for a stroll, contemplation or a spot of freshwater fishing. The echoes in one’s mind, they’re all yours alone.


  • Ample car parking facility - Good Parking facility is provided
  • Conference Hall - Conference and Banquets 42 pax conference hall 
  • Yoga Sessions - A full-time Yoga Instructor taking yoga sessions every day.

Rooms and Details

Bungalow Double- (4 Nos)

4 bungalows are there

Cave Room- (7 Nos)

Five luxury cave rooms and two cave suites